How An Accountability Partner Can Help You Meet Your Goals

MANAGE YOUR MONEY | MY LIFE | Tips October 16, 2018
Have you heard of the term Accountability Partner?   Accountability Partner refers to a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment.   That partner can help with multiple types of goals or commitments whether physical fitness, starting a business or personal project or any other goal there is.   Here’s my story:   I used to do everything on my own especially […]

How I Blog – Here’s My 10-Step Blogging Routine

BLOGGING October 5, 2018
I often get asked how I blog. People are curious what my blogging routine is from finding a topic to write to creating images and publishing them all online.   Blogging is and will always be a big part of my life.   I’ve been doing this for four years and it has changed my life completely. To be honest I pray I can have this whole blogging a full-time […]

September 2018 Recap + Extra Income Report

Extra Income Report | MY LIFE October 2, 2018
Hi and welcome to a new recap and extra income report while working full-time, September 2018 Recap + Extra Income Report.   Every month I publish an in-depth report of my net-worth and extra income projects. I personally love reading income reports and I hope by doing this I inspire you to start side hustling too.   If you’re extra curious about my personal life you can go my other […]

The 1% Money Saving Challenge and How To Do It

MANAGE YOUR MONEY | Save September 27, 2018
One of the many ways I am saving money this year is through the 1% Money Saving Challenge.   It is another saving hack I learned a year ago from one of my favorite personal finance blogger.   Money challenges are not that new to me. In 2016, I tried doing the 52-Week Money Challenge. A month or two after, I knew I was already a failure. I can’t seem […]