Year: 2016

SavingsPinay’s Best Posts 2016

2016 has been such an amazing year for SavingsPinay. I am so thankful for the opportunities that opened through this blog. This is also the same year that I hit my biggest monthly pageviews, I invested in a domain, I revamped the whole look and feel of the blog and I started to take this blog more seriously.   After a total of 110 posts for 2016 I am now […]

9 Smart Ways You Can Spend Your 13th Month Pay this Year

It’s the time of the year again when 13th month is here.   You may have a list of ideas on how you’re going to spend it but hinay-hinay lang kapatid.   There’s nothing wrong in buying your wants with your extra cash but if you want a change then you might want to think again and become a wise spender.   Here are 9 smart ways you can spend […]

SavingsPinay November Quick Recap + Extra Income Report

It’s time to do another SavingsPinay Monthly Quick Recap. Just like the past two months I’ll be including an Extra Income Report devoted solely on the side hustles I do. I hope doing this will inspire you to make money on the side too. November flew by too quickly and I feel embarrassed for publishing only two posts. I was experiencing some kind of blogger’s block for the past month and […]

6 Top Reasons Why Pinoys Find It Difficult to Save Money from John

Hi everyone! Today we have an amazing article from our SavingsPinay Guest Blogger of the Month.  Two weeks ago I received an excellent article from John Sulit that I know most of SavingsPinay readers will enjoy. Now that we are in the last month of the current year it is recommended to take time and reflect on our spending habits once and for all. This article sent by John from iMoney […]

Why I Closed my BPI Save-Up Automatic Savings + Insurance Account and How To Do It

Two years ago I opened my BPI Direct Save-Up plus Insurance account to kick-start my emergency fund. I have featured it in a first impression review as soon as I received my Info Card in February 2014 and a blog update in October 2014. Just like the others I got really excited with the word “insurance” alongside this particular savings account from BPI. I believe everyone would love to save […]

How Do You Picture Your Retirement Age?

Last October 15 I got invited to attend the “Female Network Let’s Talk about Financial Freedom” event. It was an afternoon filled with wisdom in the area of personal finance. One particular question that left me hanging was raised by Ms. Patty Aguirre of Integra Financials, one of our speakers during the forum. She asked this question to us, “How Do You Picture Your Retirement Age?”   Retirement is a […]

SavingsPinay October Quick Recap + Extra Income Report

Hi everyone! Today is yet another SavingsPinay Monthly Quick Recap. I know nakakabigla. It feels like yesterday when I did my September Quick Recap + Extra Income Report and now we’re already done with October.  As mentioned in my previous recap I will be publishing my Monthly Extra Income Report. This income report is devoted solely on my side hustles or the things I do outside my day job. I […]

13 Things I Do To Improve My Finances

Last update April 26, 2017 This post will reveal the 13 Things I Do To Improve My Finances. When I started this blog my goal was to only share my personal financial journey. I never thought that my posts would inspire others to create their own journey to financial freedom as well. Thank you for considering SavingsPinay as a resource blog for tips and information on budget, savings, investment, entrepreneurship, career […]

Is Financial Independence a Realistic Goal for Pinoys?

Last week I shared to you my goal of becoming a financially independent Pinay. How I want to live a life where I am entitled to more than I can actually afford. That I want to live a life where I can pursue a career of my choice and still get a grip on my finances. And that I want to live a life where I can easily give and […]

Becoming an Event Host for All Occasion in the Philippines

I got asked a lot on how I started hosting  in the Philippines. Becoming an event emcee is an example of side hustle I do since 2011. It became my number 1 source of extra income and I can never be more thankful to God for giving me the hosting skills necessary to succeed in the event planning and management field. Today I’d like to share to you how I […]