Month: May 2017

If You Are Living On One Income, You’re Doing It Wrong

The title of this post is inspired by an Elite Daily article entitled If You Have Savings In Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong. Here’s what I believe in: If You Are Living On One Income, You’re Doing It Wrong. Everyone needs a hobby, a side hustle or a passion for profit project to do to be able to stay balanced. Depending on just one source of income, like a […]

Reader Question | Where Should I Invest My Money?

Hi everyone and welcome to another Reader Question Post. I now do this kind of post once or twice a month to give way to inquiries I receive on my personal Facebook account, the SavingsPinay Community and through email at I do encourage you to send any budget, savings, investment or making extra income question you may have so I can answer through a blog post. Last month’s reader […]

Weekly Notes #08 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads

Hi and welcome to another installment of SavingsPinay Weekly Notes! I was inspired to create a weekly post that involves only links concerning personal finance and other money matters that are worth the click. I hope with these posts you’ll be more inspired to take charge of your finances. I’ve had such an amazing time searching and reading the posts I compiled in this Weekly Notes #08 | The Best […]

The 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance

Last update May 2017 Today's post is the updated version of a series I started in 2014 on The 10 Most Important Lessons to Learn in Personal Finance. Financial literacy is a big problem in the Philippines. How I wish creating an effective budget, saving money for retirement, investing in stocks and making extra income were taught in school. Maybe, just maybe, we will all commit less money mistakes than what we […]

April 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report while Working Full-Time

Hi! Welcome to My April 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report. This is a newer version of the previous Monthly Quick Recaps I started way back in  My recap and extra income report before were very shallow and focus only on the highlights of my month. This 2017 version will be different. I want to go in-depth on what I did for the past month to earn extra income while […]