Month: March 2018

How to Achieve Your Travel Goals in 3 Steps

We all have our travel goals in life.   On top of my mind would probably be South Korea. Locally, of course, Palawan where I dream of celebrating my birthday this year.   To travel is such a great goal, and something that could give a lifetime worth of happiness and memories especially when shared with the people you love.   Once I asked my Papa what his desires in life […]

Advertise with SavingsPinay

This 2018, I’m opening up the sidebar of my blog, for advertisers. If you are a brand, business or a blog and want to get noticed through guaranteed referred traffic, you can email me at or simply fill out this form.   Why advertise with SavingsPinay?   SavingsPinay receives around 20,000 page views a month with over 3000+ active Facebook Page Fans, 1500+ Facebook Group Members and 750+ […]

February 2018 Recap and Extra Income Report | SavingsPinay

Hi and welcome to a new recap and extra income report while working full-time, February 2018 Recap + Extra Income Report.   Every month I publish an in-depth report of my net-worth and extra income projects. I personally love reading income reports and I hope by doing this I inspire you to start side hustling too.   February 2018 is just an “okay” month in general. Nothing big happened this […]

ETF, Index Fund and PERA: Best Investment for Retirement Philippines

According to this January 2017 news report, over 41 percent of older millennials, aged 24 to 35, predicted that they won’t be “financially secure enough to retire until they are older than 65,”   This survey result is heartbreaking.   As someone who has immense passion in improving other’s finances, I know for a fact that 24 to 35 is the best age to prepare yourself for retirement.   The […]