About SavingsPinay

SavingsPinay started in 2014 as a personal finance journey of a common Pinay. Fast forward to 2016 the mission of this portal is to become the #1 Personal Finance Resource Blog for every Juan. The blog receives 450-500 daily traffic and a total of 13,000-15,000 monthly pageviews. A new post is published every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please visit the SavingsPinay Facebook Community that was built to keep every SavingsPinay reader engaged. Members of the group can share ideas, questions and more on budget, saving, investing, entrepreneurship, career and more. You can find some of the best posts in SavingsPinay published at Brew Your Best Year website by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines. Click here.

About The Author 

Hi my name is Izza Glino, I am a blogger, content creator, technical writer and event host for all occasion. I own a personal beauty and lifestyle blog called izzaglino.blogspot.com. Towards the end of 2014 my interest in personal finance grew hence the birth of the SavingsPinay blog

I work as a technical documention specialist in an IT Firm in Makati and have been writing freelance online on my spare time to earn extra income. I also have a YouTube Channel as an outlet to share my personal views and experience on beauty, bullet journal, finance and life in general. I became the 2013 Wedding and Event Host of the Year awarded by Top Brand Global making me an all-around event maven. Email me at izzaglinofull@gmail. to book your event.

I hope that my passion in spreading financial literacy will inspire you to start your own journey towards financial freedom. My aim is to provide a blog with quality post and topic specifically targeting money issues experienced by almost everyone. 

About the Journey to Financial Freedom

This blog is brought by the ambition to become financial free before hitting 30. A small girl with big goals as people describe me, SavingsPinay continues to provide personal finance lessons, experience, opinion and inputs that people can freely refer to. 

Before I started SavingsPinay I was a one day millionaire. I spend a lot more than what I earn. I am stubborn and impulsive almost to the point that my wallet (even my ATM) will have zero money three days before the pay day. I was surrounded by workmates whose lifestyle was very different to me. And in my own desire to be part of the group, I became the person I never wanted to be. 

In 2014 I started a new job and drift my attention to the internet. I learned a lot of new things from how blogging works to how you can earn money online etc. I also started reading business and personal finance books on bookstores. All the added knowledge made me confident to start a blog just to share my journey towards financial freedom. 

Soon I received messages, requests and questions from others. The blog have grow so fast from a short span of time making it part of the Top 50 Personal Finance Blog in the Philippines. I can’t thank every SavingsPinay reader enough for supporting this humble personal finance blog and patronizing each and every post published. 

I’ve spent the last two years of my life learning more about personal finance, practicing what I preach and sharing what works for me and what not. It has been a continuous improvement to be honest but I will never ever get tired of it. You know what I realize? The Journey to Financial Freedom Begins with a Single Step. Read just one post on the blog, apply the lesson your learned in your life and feel the difference it could make. 

I am in no way near from retiring at 30 but with my current age (23) the financial lessons I’ve embraced exactly two years ago and the grace of God I know I am an extra step closer to my goal.

What’s Next?

Let’s help each other in this journey towards financial freedom. 

If ever you want to…

  • Learn basic and advance personal lessons about budget, saving, investing, entrepreneurship, career and productivity
  • Assess whether what investment vehicle is right for your want and need
  • Know how you can earn money online

…then the SavingsPinay blog is here for you. 

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