I still can’t believe how much SavingsPinay grew in a span of four years.  I am overwhelmed by the support the blog has been receiving ever since I began documenting my journey to financial freedom in 2013.

If you are new to this blog, new to SavingsPinay then allow me to share to you the milestones and highlights of

September 2013 was the year I launched the blog. It was (and remained in blogspot for the next two years)

I had my first viral blog post, So I Entered the Wrong BPI Pin Thrice. This post has been viewed over 25,000 times in the last four years and is the top traffic source ever for SavingsPinay. If you can go to Google and type BPI pin thrice, you will definitely find my blog post.

The biggest turning point of SavingsPinay was in December 2016 when I finally decided to buy my own domain and get a professional to design my blog! Pangalan did a wonderful job in executing the vision (and mission) I have. Kudos!

To date I am blogging on the following topics:

  • Living with a budget
  • Saving money fast
  • Investing in the Philippines
  • Retiring Young and
  • Making Extra Income with a Full-Time Job

My plan is to focus on the above topics moving forward and make sure I add value to your financial life. I will stop writing on topics I don’t know and have no personal knowledge or experience about.

Starting April 2017 I publish a monthly recap and extra income report. I enjoy reading recaps and income reports from other bloggers and decided to the same for SavingsPinay. I have two major goals in publishing my income and net worth online:

  • To help myself stay on track with my finances and stay accountable to my goals and actions.
  • To encourage you and the others who are reading this post to pursue their passion and hustle their way to success.

I also added another series on the blog where I interview ordinary persons making extraordinary things in terms of their financial life. The inspiring stories of real people with real goals and real actions! The first being the story of a 24-year old marino who started investing in stocks.

I also released a free eBook in 2015 called Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever. You the click the link to view the PDF copy, download it and if you find it helpful share it your friends and family.

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And now I will walk you through the best of blog posts you should read if you are ready to change your financial life.

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Living with a Budget    

Have you ever tried budgeting your money for a month? Did you succeed in keeping a budget? Read these links to know more:

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Saving Money Fast

Are you a saver or a spender? If you want to change your finances today then you better save now. Here are the links that will certainly help you:

The One Thing You Can Do Today to Start Saving Money , How To Save Money Each Month : A Definitive Guide for Pinoys , 6 Top Reasons Why Pinoys Find It Hard To Save Money , Why I Closed My BPI Save-Up Automatic Savings Account and How To Do It , The Different Saving Funds You Should Own , 5 Habits That Can Boost Your Savings , Best Savings Account For Your Kids

Investing in the Philippines

Want to know how to make money work for you? Click on any of these investing primers:

Frequently Asked Questions About Stock Investing , I’m Finally Investing in Stocks , 8 Things You Should Do Before You Invest , 7 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself , Intro to Investing | An Almost Complete Guide for First-Timers , My FAMI-SALEF Investment Update , How to Invest Your 5,000 Pesos , Investing in Mutual Fund for Beginners – The Complete Guide , How This 24-Year Old Marino Started Investing in Stocks , Cropital, PhilCrowd, Farm On – Best Alternative Investment Philippines , Where Should I Invest My Money , How To Open First Metro Sec Online Stock Trading Account

Retiring Young

What age do you plan to retire? Have you ever planned on your retirement age? These posts may help you get started:

How To Apply for a St. Peter Life Plan , Personal Equity Retirement Account [PERA] in the Philippines , How Do You Picture Your Retirement Age , How To Get Your Finances in Order Before The Year Ends , Why An Emergency Fund Should Be in Your Must Haves and 6 Ways To Build One , Is St. Peter Life Plan Worth the Investment? , I’m Just 21, Do I Seriously Need a Life Plan?

Making Money with a Full-Time Job

Do you want to start your passion and hustle on the side? Want to make extra money that could possibly replace your full-time job? Read these inspiring stories:

21 Best Side Hustles to Start With Your Full-Time Job , If You Are Living on One Income, You’re Doing It Wrong , Becoming a Event Host for All Occasion in the Philippines , 5 Business Ideas to Start this -Ber Month , TESDA Short Courses You Can Take and Earn Extra Money , How To Earn with TravelBook Affiliate Program , Must Try Business Ideas for Pinay Entrepreneurs , How To Make Money on YouTube

Other posts I want you to read

On setting goals and my goals:

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On money moves you should be doing right now:

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I hope you are doing well not just with your finances but also with your overall life. Thank you for your interest in reading SavingsPinay and I hope you find each post in this blog valuable.

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