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Here in SavingsPinay you’ll find helpful posts about budget, savings, investments, career and productivity as well as entrepreneurship. My audience are mostly Pinays of different walks of life and are committed to establish a strong financial foundation. I enjoy documenting my journey to financial freedom in the hope that I can also inspire you to start your own.

I was once an over-spender and commit financial mistakes here and there. I mostly ruin my budget and don’t know to save or to invest. Starting SavingsPinay in 2013 became the biggest turning point of my life. I learned the value of tracking my expenses, of saving for different life funds and of investing for the future. I hustle a lot and tried different freelance jobs on the side just to get my finances in order. Everything I learn (and will learn) is shared in this blog.

SavingsPinay as a blog have come a long way since its birth on October 2013. With almost 360++ posts first time visitor will surely want a  quick guide on how to navigate on the site. If you are new in SavingsPinay then please use this page on your utmost convenience. 

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Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever

In late 2014 I created a 25-page free eBook that aims to make 2015 the best year ever. Though the title is date-specific the content of the book is applicable anytime of the year. Below are the contents of the e-book:

  1. Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever
  2. Let Go and Let God
  3. State of You Personal Financial Asset
  4. On Budgeting and Beyond
  5. The Beauty of Saving
  6. You and Your Income
  7. To Pay or Not to Pay: Debt is the Question
  8. Appendices
  9. Infographics for You
  10. Top 5 All-Time Most Viewed SavingsPinay posts
  11. Final Thoughts

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SavingsPinay Series

There are topics that require more than a day to discuss, thus SavingsPinay Series were launched. The SavingsPinay Series is published every third week of the month and lasts either 3-5 days with an overview of the topic to conclude the lesson. Below are the successful SavingsPinay Series we’ve published on the blog:

  1. Wedding Series
  2. Top 10 Most Important Lessons in Personal Finance
  3. 14 Day Productive Living Program
  4. Job Interview Series
  5. Financial Planning 101 Series
  6. Intentional Living this 2016 Series
  7. Ayoko sa Utang Series
  8. Yumaman sa Mutual Fund Series
  9. Multi-Level Marketing/Networking Series

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I love communicating with SavingsPinay readers as well as people who share the same passion in teaching personal finance to the public. Thus, I have opened a number of ways we can stay up-to-date together.

First is the SavingsPinay Mailing List. I built a dedicated page where you can download and print financial checklists, templates, e-Guides, e-Books and more. Subscribing to the mailing list means access to the SavingsPinay Resource Library for free. Also I send newsletter to my subscribers for behind-the-blog scenes and additional read/inspiration that won’t appear on the blog.

Second is the SavingsPinay Facebook Group. This is an exclusive group that SavingsPinay readers can join. I post personal finance tips, infographics, photo stories and announcements on the Facebook Group. I love how solid the SavingsPinay community is and I love for you to be part of it.

Third is the SavingsPinay TV. I just recently built a YouTube channel for SavingsPinay where I post video versions of some of the posts published in the blog. The content of the video is based on the blog post but because it is video format I do insert more information and examples. Please subscribe to SavingsPinay TV so you’ll be notified whenever a new video is posted.

Fourth is the SavingsPinay Podcast. Another avenue to reach more people into the world of personal finance. The SavingsPinay Podcast is the audio version of the blog. Now you can listen to some of the best posts in SavingsPinay while you are driving, on your commute or basically anytime, anywhere.

Lastly is the SavingsPinay Social Media Sites. I have built an Instagram and Pinterest Page for SavingsPinay filled with money quotes, tips and inspirations. Hope you can follow both sites.