Month: June 2017

The 50-20-30 Budget Rule and How It’ll Save Your Finances!

 The 50-20-30 Budget Rule was one of the very first financial lesson I shared on SavingsPinay. It is one of the simplest and the easiest budget technique you can use to decide what percentage of your income goes to expenses, savings or others. Instead of budgeting your income to 20 or more categories right away, you are encouraged to focus on three main categories: essential expenses, financial goals and lifestyle […]

Cropital, PhilCrowd and FarmOn : Best Alternative Investment Philippines

Cropital, PhilCrowd and FarmOn rose to fame late last year as alternative investment vehicles. How it works is simple. Your investment will be pooled together with the others and be used as capital for local farmers. After the harvest and selling of produced goods, you’ll get your share of profits. Easy right? I discovered about crowd-funding and profit-sharing startups Cropital, PhilCrowd and FarmOn during a random night out with my high […]

Weekly Notes #9 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads

Hi and welcome to the first installment of SavingsPinay Weekly Notes! I was inspired to create a weekly post that in volves only links concerning personal finance and other money matters that are worth the click. I hope with these posts you’ll be more inspired to take charge of your finances. I’ve had such an amazing time searching and reading the posts I compiled in this Weekly Notes #09 | […]

Mid-Year Financial Review for 2017 | SavingsPinay

Today I’m doing a Mid-Year Financial Review for 2017! And I’m sharing it all to you. For me, June is the perfect month to reflect and to look back on how the first six months of the New Year went in the area of finances. I mainly focus in checking the progress and necessary adjustments I can do with the following: My 2017 Financial Goals My Current Spending Habits My […]

May 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report while Working Full-Time

Hi! Welcome to my May 2017 Recap and Extra Income Report. In case you are new to here, just last month I started sharing a detailed recap of my finances and a comprehensive report of my extra income streams. I received positive response in doing a better version of monthly recap. I hope by doing this I inspire you to stop living on one income and start earning extra through […]