Month: September 2017

My First Six Months in the Philippine Stock Market

Do you want to invest in the stock market too? Are you a newbie when it comes to investing in stocks? On today’s blog post I will narrate how my first six months investing in Philippine stock market went. I’m also going to share about my first investment portfolio and tips for beginners when it comes to investing stocks.   In January 2014, I withdrew my last paycheck and opened […]

11 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund from Scratch

For sure this is not the first time you encountered the word emergency fund.   Financial experts agree that building an emergency fund is crucial to grow wealth and achieve financial freedom. If you are reading this post because you want to build an emergency fund for your own, good for you!   You are now one step closer in building a strong financial framework for life.   An emergency […]

How To Become a Freelance Content Writer in the Philippines

Becoming a freelance content writer in the Philippines, is a good example of a work at home job anyone can easily start. I started content writing for others online back when I was still in college and it did helped me make extra income on the side. I will say yes to any freelance writing gigs that come on my way. I spent hours searching for a job, sending my […]

How To Get Rid of Debt and Reclaim Your Finances

Today we will talk about the scary four-letter word DEBT specifically on How To Get Rid of Debt and Reclaim Your Finances. I rarely talk about debt here on the blog. I am pretty much blessed to have hard-working parents. Both my mother and father worked hard to sustain our needs. We are not rich but my parents inculcate the best financial habits to us. I and my siblings have never experienced […]