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  1. As per experience Ms. Rae, merong tinutubo ang pera alongside the value per share. What UITF do you have? Gusto ko din niyan eh… I'm thinking of BPI kasi it is the nearest bank dito sa opisina.

    If you want to diversify your money and you have your savings na din naman why not try an MF…

    Thanks Ma'am Rae! 🙂

  2. Wait, I didn't know mutual funds have interest. I thought value per share lang sya. **googles** 🙂
    I have UITF pa lang. Still thinking if I should get a MF.

    – Rae

  3. Hello Lala!!!

    First and foremost thank you for reading my blog and congratulations on your journey towards Financial Freedom.

    For your question, I believe there's nothing wrong in having 2 MF as long as you can afford to invest. Diversification is one rule we all financial guru (wink*wink*) always follows.

    Please update me on your VUL journey for that is one of my goals before 2014 ends!!!


    Hope you can Message me through my Contact Form above and Receive my 50-30-20 Ruel of Budgeting PDF Guide!!! 🙂

  4. I got myself a VUL… 🙂 Im thinking of getting FAMI aswell… is it okay to have 2 MF?

  5. Hi @Cyrel Anne Soriano. The thing that I like about mutual fund is the fact na less hassle. All I have to do is pay online bank and I am sure that my investments are ok. Unlike stock market ang taas ng risk and I have to do it alone or else have an online broker pa.

    Read hear How I applied with FAMI Mutual Fund

    Read here for a review between FAMI and COL Financial

  6. Hi there! I just want to ask why you preferred to start investing in mutual fund rather than in the stock market? Thanks!

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