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Reader Question | Where Should I Invest My Money?

Hi everyone and welcome to another Reader Question Post.   I now do this kind of post once or twice a month to give way to inquiries I receive on my personal Facebook account, the SavingsPinay PH on Facebook and through SavingsPinay PH on Instagram.   I do encourage you to send any budget, savings, investment or making extra income question you may have so I can answer through a […]

Reader Question: I’m 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money

"I'm 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money" – John, reader.   Hi John! I am very much happy reading this email from my Inbox the other day.   I've always been open of how much I take age as human's greatest advantage. And reading your question make me feel so kilig.   You are 18 and you feel that excitement (hopefully) to learn […]

Reader Question : How to Avail a St. Peter Life Plan?

It's been a long time since I featured a reader question here in SavingsPinay blog. I love receiving questions from you guys because it makes me feel how much you trust SavingsPinay as a personal finance resource. I stopped featuring questions on the blog since I built the SavingsPinay Facebook Group so that members will have a private venue to ask financial matters and me along with the supportive community […]

Reader Question: What’s Your View on “NETWORKING”

I love answering questions. The reason why I provided a contact page at the footer of my blog and always include my email address at the end of my post. Whenever I receive an inquiry I feel so kilig because I am reassured that someone is appreciating my blog. This week I rceived an email from a long time reader to whom I will call Ms. M just because I […]

Reader Question Part 2: How to Manually Compute for Your Mutual Fund Earnings

I have posted Sir Jonathan’s series of question before and I know I promised that I will update the Part 2 as well as Part 3 of our conversation. If you missed the part 1 then just click Reader Question. Here is the second part of his question. And this is my answer: Hi Sir Jonathan. Sorry it took me so long to reply. As per my personal experience, what […]

Reader Question: What do you think are the best FUNDS in FAMI that I should start with?!

For the first week of February I have received questions from Sir Jonathan all concerning investing in FAMI-SALEF. I asked him if I could share his question as part of this month’s Reader Question together with the answer I personally sent him. Glad that he agreed as both us know that there may be others who have the same question in mind but don’t know how or whom to ask. […]

READER’S QUESTION: What do you do na di mo nagagamit yong nasave mo ?

I received the email yesterday night and through Ms. Joyce’ approval here’s the exact copy of the answer I gave to her inquiry. If you have any financial question you can easily reach me at I also give advices when it comes to career, productivity, relationship and faith. 🙂 Hi Ms. Joyce!!! First and foremost maraming maraming salamat for we share the value of tithing and I believe so […]

READER’S QUESTION: How does FAMI work???

Hello everyone! If in case you are new in my blog, make sure to click the image on the top right and become My September Commenter of the Month!!! I am giving away 300pesos worth of Sedexo Gift Certificates and 500pesos worth of Ever Bilena and Careline Products. It is my pa-ber month treat for everyone! Again, click the image on the top right. Last July I received this reader’s […]

READER’s QUESTION: “Which is better Savings Account, Mutual Fund or UITF?”

Yesterday I received this reader question through my contact form. To the letter sender, that you first and foremost for the time in reading my blog! And congratulations for this eagerness towards financial freedom! I am glad that SavingsPinay is helping you in a way. To answer your question let me first clarify an important note. Remember that Mutual Fund is NOT offered by banks but rather offered by trusted […]