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ATR Em King Mutual Fund First Impression

Here’s a new first impression on a investment vehicle as a guide to first-time investors and those who are looking for diversification. Today we will be talking about ATR Em King Mutual Fund by ATR KimEng Asset Management.  Quick Review Mutual Fund is a perfect investment vehicle for beginners. It is an indirect stock investing wherein you let the trusted financial manager handle your investments. You own shares on the […]

Soldivo Mutual Funds First Impression Review

Its been a long time since I did a first impression about an investment vehicle here in SavingsPinay. Thanks to those who answered my 2016 SavingsPinay Reader Survey I am reminded that its one of the most liked topic on the blog. And so today we will be doing a Soldivo Mutual Fund Review for people who are curious about this rookie investment product and those who want to diversify […]

Philequity Dividend Yield Fund First Impression From Geli

Hi everyone! I am so excited today to launch a new series here on the blog – SavingsPinay Guest Blogger of the Month.  Last week, Geli, a member of SavingsPinay Facebook Group commented the mutual fund she invests together with her husband. I  know most from the SavingsPinay community are intrigued by this investment product so I asked Geli to introduce to us the Philequity Dividend Yield Fund by giving a […]

BPI Investment Funds First Impression

Long time no first impression post. I miss doing this type of post because I know it could help others decide to invest. A good investment should be well-researched from advantages to disadvantages, ins and outs, etc. In today’s post I will be giving my first impression on BPI Investment Funds.   BPI is a very common bank here in the Philippines and has been my bank of choice for […]

BDO UITF First impression

Today’s post will be my very first first impression for 2016. I didn’t expect that this kind of post will receive such a good response from all SavingsPinay Readers. My most viewed blog post of all time include reviews I created for particular investment vehicle like the BPI Savings/Protection Philam Life First Impression, PNB UITF First Impression and Security Bank UITF First Impression. As always, investing your money is one […]

Security Bank’s UITF First Impression

I was browsing my post statistics last night when I noticed that my PNB UITF First Impression post is performing pretty well. It consistently becomes part of my popular posts week by week. This gave me an idea that more readers nowadays are looking for reviews on products they can possibly invest with.  So today I will be reviewing the UITF of a bank that had undergone some rebranding. I […]

PNB UITF First Impression

When it comes to investing vehicles to ride on, I am so proud that I chose a mutual fund first and foremost. It gave me such a big experience and big foundation to all the other bigger investments that I will be committing in the future. I felt so excited to grow my savings and open another investment every year for I know that investing is one way that I […]

Unionbank Peso Money Market Fund First Impression

I have blogged quite a few posts about Unionbank and as part of my research I noticed this one product of the said bank that caught my attention. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Unionbank’s famous UITF investment vehicle, the Peso Money Market Fund. The Peso Money Market Fund is a peso-denominated unit investment trust fund that is designed for a higher yield on short-term investor. It is an ideal investment […]

BDO Easy Investment Plan First Impression

My first savings account ever was from BDO. It was my Mama who made it possible for me to have one even though I only have Postal ID as an official identification. The account only lasted for a year and I got it closed because I was below the minimum balance. I don’t know how to save back then.I was sad that because of my bad attitude on money, I […]


This year will be the year that I will be turning 21 and its actually part of my birthday wish to finally have my own Credit card. My reason for wanting to own one is the fact that I believe it will teach a lot of lessons in regards with my finances if and then I will have a credit card. I am actually in a hunt of what bank […]