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  1. You made the right decision @Lonely Pinay. BPI is truly the best. I love their bright ideas hehe. How there's no need to fill up deposit slips and other forms… tapos the online banking! Bow talaga ako sa BPI hehe.

  2. Can't wait to sign up for BPI's easy saver by Monday! Mas hindi ako matetempt mag withdraw here kasi kada transaction mo may charge kaya talagang good for savings sha 🙂

  3. Hi Lia thank you for dropping by at my blog and sorry for the late reply. Anyaways, once you got your envelop with the card and temporary pin inside just go to the nearest BPI ATM machine and insert your card, then click whether what language of instruction you want. After that click on special services. And then click change pin. Then you will have to enter your temporary pin and you will then be able to click on the new pin that you want. Thank you. Please sumbit you email on the top left box so you will be updated for free, thanks

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