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  1. Hello there! Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts! Truly, insurance should be taught more to Filipinos since there is still a big portion that doesn't believe in that it will be a worthy investment.

  2. Hello po! A big thanks for reading this post. Masaya po ako na nagustuhan niyo yung blog post na ito. Hope you can share the info with others. Have a blessed day ahead.

  3. In all ages, I think trying hard to be debt free is a must. Also, discipline and self control is an important factor in saving.
    You are also right about getting insurance. It is not very common to get ensured, but it is important to avoid the burden having to pay large amount of expenses in the future.
    Since it not very common, people does not know where to start and how to begin. As you have mentioned, it best to turn to financial advisor for this matter. In addition, they can also get information online and get insurance quotes, this way people will havean idiea how much insurance costs from different companies.

  4. Thank you po Ms. Jacqueline!!! Nakakatuwa po talaga yung automation sa payments. Glad din po that you are slowly building your savings. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post 🙂 It really helps to automate payments, and even savings 🙂

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