My Must Do’s Before 2015 Ends

The end of the year is fast approaching. It is literally two months and a half before a new year begins. Sometimes I wonder where did the days go. It seems like the older you get the faster the months go by. There are several things that I want to do and to accomplish before the year ends and I wanted to share everything to you guys so we can be accountability partners. I have no idea if I can do it but with God I know that nothing is impossible. Treat below list as a little bucket list for 2015.
Read My Must Do’s Before 2015 Ends

  • Create an eBook for SavingsPinay readers
    • Still contemplating what to include in this eBook but it may have a similar feel with my Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook or maybe better. Once I am set and done with the entries I will give a teaser to you guys so I can will have an idea whether the eBook appeals to you.
  • Create 3 SavingsPinay Series.
    • The last series we’ve done was about Weddings and I failed to create another series for you guys so for the final three months I will be creating yet another series. Check out this Friday, October 16 for my introduction to the very first series. Initial title is…

     Ayoko sa Utang: SavingsPinay’s Be Debt-Free Series and it will be a week-long post.

  • Open a UITF Account
    • I blogged about Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) and oh am I so convinced that this is a good investment vehicle for diversification. I’m thinking of BPI Money Market Fund lately since I already have a BPI account.
  • Apply and get my UMID ID
    • I hate myself for procrastinating in this must-do. Until today the only valid ID that I have is my Postal ID and my TIN. I wanted to get my passport early next year so I know I have to apply for my SSS ID before 2015 ends. Somebody in the office told me that getting the UMID  The Unified Multi-Purpose ID is way faster so I might give it a go. 


  • Complete my Header Pages in SavingsPinay
    • I am not loving the current header pages so I plan to change it before this year ends. I’ll include a detailed About Page, Free Downloadables, Quick Link to the SavingsPinay FB Group and Start Here (I’ll leave this as a secret for now).


  • Create 2016 Editorial Calendar for SavingsPinay
    • I realized how SavingsPinay is lacking consistency and direction in its posts this 2015 so to gear up on 2016 I am planning to spend a weekend just focusing on what my Editorial Calendar will be next year. I will create a separate post for sure about this.


  • Film and Blog My Makeup Collection

  • Complete my Header Page in IzzaGlino  
    • Actually just last Sunday I made major changes in my blog, IzzaGlino. I don’t know why I just got inspired with other minimalistic design of female bloggers I follow. You can visit my other blog and please let me know if it looks better. (please!) My next to do is to complete my header pages.


  • Get rid of useless apps in my Iphone and Ipad
    • Since vlogging What’s In My Iphone I added some more apps in my phone. My phone has too much unnecessary apps today and I can’t spend time getting rid of those. Another problem for me is separating the apps in my phone with the apps in my Ipad. 


  • Discard Unwanted Pictures on my Phone
    • I am so guilty of storing too much photos on my phone and I just want to sort and get rid of them once and for all. READ: My Life This Month in Pictures


  • Go to Binondo and Baguio
    • These two places has been in my travel list for so long and it would be a great blessing if I finally made it. Just thinking about the the Chinese food I could try on Ongpin street and the breezy weather on Baguio makes me so kilig.
It is pretty much a full-list of must-do’s and I am a little afraid that I won’t accomplish anything. But I still want to try. I know that what’s get written gets done and I am hoping that the same goes with my must-do’s before 2015 ends.

Did you enjoy today’s post? What’s your must-do’s before 2015 ends?

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4 thoughts on “My Must Do’s Before 2015 Ends

  1. Sir Glen!!! Thank you for visiting my blog. Naku! Napaisip naman ako dun. Yung Mutual Fund ko kasi Equity na so I thought of investing in something else. Baka mag direct stock na lang tuloy ako (still thinking and praying though). But I'll search more for the Equity.

    Salamat SIr Glen for your comment and sharing your knowledge.

  2. Hi Izza, please note that among the UITF types available (money market, bond, balanced, equity), the money market fund has the lowest earning potential (although it also has the lowest risk). Assess yourself if you can take the volatility of equity funds. If yes, and if you're willing to park your money for at least 3 years, equity fund is a better option to make your peso grow. πŸ™‚

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