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  1. Anonymous says:

    my pin blocked this morning, do I need to report it to customer service? or I will just wait for 24 hours to re enter the correct pin? pls help

  2. Hi, can i go to any branch of bpi for the replacement of my card.or it should be at the same branch where you opened the acct. ? Thanks and also about the 24 hr reset is it ok not to report the incident to the customer service and just wait for the 24 hr reset.thanks

  3. I haven't tried kasi weekend nangyari yung thrice PIN ko. But for sure, yes you can. Just bring your ATM siguro. 🙂

  4. Can I go through bpi branch to replace my atm card cause I forgot my pin number even though I don't call their hotline?

  5. It was a hassles kapag naka thrice kang mali. You have to wait again for the replacement card. But I have to applaud BPI for the fast transaction.

    Thank you for reading my blog post Sir!!! 🙂

  6. I think this actually happened with my second BPI account. But I was too cheap to pony up for a replacement card though, so I just use my main one, and then transfer money online. 😀

    I didn't know I get three tries everyday. I'll try out a few more combinations; thanks for the info!

  7. Hi Iris Pasay! Thank you for dropping by my humble blog. And sorry for the late reply. YES!!! I am sure that after 24hours you can try your PIN again at any BPI ATM. Every day you will have three tries. What a coincidence. Hehe. Hope you'll submit your email para makakuha ng free updates from me. Salamat ulit. Update me what happened hahh.

  8. Hi,

    We have the same problem on exactly the same day.Yay!! Yesterday I go to the nearest BPI but when I enter the pin it I will always get the message "wrong pin'. I enter the pin trice,and on my forth try I am confidently sure that the pin I entered was correct,unfortunately the message appear that transaction cannot be process. Are you sure that it will refreshed after 24hours? Help..

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