What To Do On Weekends (A SavingsPinay Guide)

I love the weekends. I love that I don’t have to hurry waking up in the morning. I love that I won’t have to spend time on the morning rush. I love that I can eat lunch and dinner with my family and have quality time with. I love that I can sit back and enjoy watching TV without interruption. But my weekends aren’t just spent on relaxation. I have a full paged list that are reserved so to do on weekends.

So today’s post is me sharing things that you can do on Saturday and Sunday that will make your Weekends productive plus prepare you for the coming weekdays ahead. I promise that after reading the whole list and doing them you will be loving the weekends even better.

What To Do On Weekends

1. Do Your Special Projects

If you follow my My Ideal Week inspired by Sir Michael Hyatt you’ll know that my Saturdays and Sundays are spent mostly on my special projects like this blog and IzzaGlino. I will jot down blog post topic ideas on Friday night and do massive content writing by Saturday while Sunday evening will be doing all the images and layout. You may also have some special projects in your life like learning an instrument, attending seminars or a cooking class and maybe learning a new language online that can be done during weekends.

2. Plan For The Coming Week

You can spend a lazy Saturday Afternoon or Sunday morning planning for the Mondays to Fridays. Here are some things that you can plan on weekends that will be w big help for you to save tons of time and energy.

  • Plan your outfits for the week. Getting ready in the morning is very hassle especially for girls. I need q good 30mins-45mins to finish my preparations. I noticed however that when I plan my outfits on the Sunday evening it is way easier for me to get ready. Thus I can have some time to post on my Social Medias or watch a video in Youtube.
  • Plan your meals. This advantageous specially for mommies. You can write the menu of the week on a paper and also the ingredients thay you will be needing for each meal. You also have enough time on weekends to research on affordable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner which can save you tons of pesos.
  • Plan for your house projects, maintenance and cleaning. I know how household chores could be the most boring task ever but we can’t escape these items on our weekend list. In our household Saturday is for laundry while Sunday is for ironing of clothes while both days are reserved for total house cleaning. The best thing about this plan is you can assign person in charge in your family for each task thus making it an enjoyable family bonding.
  • Plan for any important meetings, deadlines and other schedules of the week. Try to breakdown your the coming days of the week for your advantage.

3. Review Your Past Week. 

I started doing this A Week in Review in April where I just go back to how my week went and try to assess whether I did great or not. I review in the following ares: Personal Tasks, Work Tasks, Blogging Tasks, To Write Tasks, Spiritual Life and Random Notes. It is a nice time to kind of reflect especially on the weekends for you have an added motivation for the coming week.

4. Make Time for Family and Social Life. 

It is important to value your family and spend quality time with them. If you can take a break and travel with them to budget friendly destinations then better. For five days you spend in your second family at work so isn’t it nice to reserve the remaining two days for your family?! Social life such as time with friends can also be done. Talk to your long time friends to catch up in their lives. This is beneficial for you to have a better outlook in life with support from the closest people in you.

5. Avoid Things that Stress You Out.

Make the weekends the most sacred days of your week by avoiding any work to do‘s or anything that will make you stressed and depressed. Try to find activities where you can have optimum happiness. Though I deal with a lot of special projects in weekends I see to it that I have the mornings to evening with my family. Our kind of relaxation will be karaoke. We love singing together. I also avoid checking my work email address as I deal with them once Monday starts. 

6. Exercise or go to the gym. 

Choosing to live an active lifestyle will most probably be the best choice ever. I am currently doing my Balik-Alindog Program and I just can’t get enough of the benefits that the project has given me. I have more motivation to wake up early plus I get to accomplish my to do’s if my body is on its prime. You can follow my program too for I only use some apps to have a fit body.

7. Time for God. 

Go to church and give thanks to God for the blessings you have received. Meditate on His words and try to start journaling too so that you’ll have more inspiration in life. 

My Usual Weekend

Now I’d like to share to you what my usual Saturday and Sunday is. Actually me weekend starts from Friday Night and ends on Monday morning. Here’s a bullet list of what I do on a weekend.

  • Friday Night. Once I am at home I quickly get a shower, remove my makeup and some do my Balik Alindog Program (Night). This all in all will be an hour.

  • Then I take a break and go on Facebook, Bloglovin’ and Youtube for an hour.

  • Next I open my laptop to do some blogging tasks while having coffee. Then write on my Planner my Weekend To Do’s.

  • Saturday Morning (I wake up between 5am- 6am since my body clock follows my work week), I do the Top 3 Most Important Tasks on my list. If I feel too sleepy I will do my Balik Alindog Program (Morning) and have some coffee… Again. 

  • There are Saturdays when I have an event hosting so I primarily do attend to them afterwards. If I don’t have an event I go to our “tindahan” and help. We also spend two-three hours in the karaoke after eating lunch.


  •  Night time will be watching a whole lot of movies, Detective Conan episodes and sometimes more Facebook and Youtube.


  • Sunday morning is reserved attending Victory Service in Alabang. After church I go home straight and have lunch with my family. 


  • Afternoon (3pm) will be for the rest of my blogging tasks.


  • Sunday Night is relaxation time. I expect all of my To Do’s done. I sometimes pre