Why I Choose To Be a Financially Independent Pinay

Today I declare my choice to become a financially independent Pinay. I want to empower myself to learn, earn, save, invest and give on my own without dependence to my parents, any family members, friends, boyfriend (well I don’t have one), partner or debt. I want a full control on where and how I spend…


4 Useful Tips to Live Within Your Means from Kyle

Hi everyone! Today we have an amazing article from our SavingsPinay Guest Blogger of the Month.  Last week I received an inquiry from Kyle Kam whether I’ll be happy to feature his post on SavingsPinay. I happily agreed knowing how this could add value to our readers. I have heard about MoneyMax.ph for sometime now…

How to Invest for Beginners in the Philippines

Let’s admit it, “INVESTING” is such a foreign word for Pinoys. A lot of Filipinos are afraid of the word “investment” thinking its a scam, networking or tactic to lure people and lose their money. But investing doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just a necessary move that every Pinoy ought to learn and take….

All About Making Extra Money in the Philippines

Here on SavingsPinay I encourage everyone not to be satisfied with just one source of income. Side jobs and other ways to earn extra cash are a must whether its online or offline, part-time or full-time etc.  Last December I did my very first Year-End Extra Income Report and it makes me happy to realize that the…